Statehood is Obviously the Conservative Solution for Puerto Rico

by Jose Fuentes

The U.S. citizens of Puerto Rico celebrate José Celso Barbosa Day on Friday, a holiday honoring the father of the Puerto Rico Republican Party’s birthday. It’s appropriate that the founder of the island’s Republican Party is also the father of the Puerto Rico statehood movement. It’s also a fitting opportunity to announce a new Republican campaign for statehood: GOP 4 Puerto Rico.

José Celso Barbosa’s legacy remains apparent today. Not only are Puerto Ricans overwhelmingly in favor of statehood, they also remain dedicated to conservative American ideals. They express their belief in traditional American values by consistently electing conservative leaders. In fact, the current Puerto Rico Representative to the U.S. Congress and Lieutenant Governor, as well as the Speaker of the House and President of the Senate in the territorial legislature, are all Republicans. Yet their religiously, socially, and fiscally conservative American principles are unparalleled by their dedication to the truest American value: a commitment to serving their nation.

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