Conservatives Can Redeem America’s Promise in Puerto Rico

by Niger Innis, former National Tea Party movement leader

Some conservatives are opposing H.R. 6246, the Puerto Rico Admission Act of 2018. Timed symbolically before Congress left for its Fourth of July recess, Puerto Rico’s Republican Congresswoman Jenniffer González-Colón and 22 Republicans and 14 Democrats introduced the bill, which would make future statehood possible for America’s last large, populous territory.

Ironically, these anti-statehood conservatives cite reasons for opposition that demonstrate statehood is the only principled conservative solution and best serves U.S. national interest.

That’s why prominent conservative leaders from former House Speaker Newt Gingrich to current House territories committee Chairman Rob Bishop support statehood, if and when Congress’s terms for admission are accepted by a majority vote among U.S. citizens in the federal territorial reservation known as the “Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.”

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